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dex otaku
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dex otaku A blend reminiscent of sounds of pre-starfish Church mashed with Cure, New Order, Echo & the Bunnymen, Killing Joke and maybe some Kitchens of Distinction... Colourful synaesthesia-inducing, voyaging noise/dreampop shoegaze sweet-sourness. Favorite track: Queenstown.
Dean Vance
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Dean Vance I've listened to Dream Noise almost daily for more than a year. The magic woven into this album never fails to connect with my mood at any given time. Lyrics are on point and perfectly curious at times. Vocals range from crispy to deliciously echoey and crepuscular. Several songs stand out... Saint of Nothing, Guest House & Blondie to name a few; but with repeated listening the interstitial tracks have become features as well. If every album out there was as good as this, I'd be in Heaven.
Krissy VanderWoude
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Krissy VanderWoude As suspected, absolutely in love with this album. I preordered it the second the option became available, having full confidence in the fact that I knew it would be amazing. You’ve not only lived up to, but by far exceeded, any expectations I could have had. Congrats guys! 💝🎊🙌🏻🎉🍻
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One in my head Dream left in my head Crosses raise in my head Crosses collapse in my head Fear like a stray child in my head Where do these questions go? In my head? Oh God, I don’t want you here in my head Jesus Christ, is this still rotting in my head? Hungry for words I’ve yet to be fed Lay these sins in a river lined with lead Rosary tied tightly ’round your neck Its beads unbound and scattered in my head Shower me in riches until I’m dead In stories spilled through silver tongues in my head Too late for a second coming. Was there a first? Do we now live as saints of nothing? Not even one thing? Not even one? One in my head, in my—
I am “Skull of a Skeleton With Burning Cigarette” You can hold my throat wide open And build a well out of my neck I need a bottle of water A better plan for my demise Some martini sipping darlings Have thrown sugar in my eyes Let them see only sweet things Let them see Tendrils of smoke embrace me In the likeness of a terrified heart But it doesn’t make a difference If you were my Valentine or not There’s movement in the corner now Of an oily crooked mouth And a whisper in my ear Is telling me I hear too much So I might cut it, cut it, cut it I’d cut it off My eyelids feel heavy My eyelids feel so heavy I’ve never been to Paris And I don’t know a lot about love But I recognize a dead heart When I see one Memory that tries to rob The stiffness from my upper lip Like a baby crawling on the ceiling Or a raven on the sill So I shut it, shut it, shut it I shut it out My eyelids feel heavy My eyelids feel so heavy Punish yourself – What did you say? My eyelids feel heavy My eyelids feel so heavy ------ Lyrics by Josh Kemp Music by Capitol Released October 4 2019
Blondie 03:50
In Ceremony 03:37
In a state of disarray A married fear of missing out And of being there Soul on display I bore a shroud And I shed my shell On the day my stomach burst And butterflies flew out I bathe in turquoise And I sleep in teal Do the blues still register In the colour-blind eye? Don’t dim the houselights Don’t dim the house My warning light’s been on for Some years now We have stayed here far too late And fuck if I can find another way To leave or arrive and make everyone love me Every time Kill yourself with kindness Kill yourself with kindness Or some kind of it You’re a killer now I ran my way home And I rode the coattails of A white ambulance On a greying road Got some poor advice From a boy who died Swallowing His own skinny fingers While I had my hand Under a dress At the wedding of A bride I never knew We have stayed here far too late And fuck if I can find another way To leave or arrive and make everyone love me Every time Why’d you say this is the place? I wish it was but I see twenty faces With sharp tongues and honey-coloured eyes Alight I fake the fight And I feign the confidence Am I not A fine and mighty actor? I heard a song And kept humming along To the unpatriotic cry Of a depressed man
Queenstown 04:08
Little sunflower in a deep blue iris Like two floating on the Danube, a cold water wildfire I’ll paint my life in your primary colours Let’s trade our worst diseases and learn how to cure each other’s I never thought that I’d see you again But it seemed for us the world had other plans Now I wake every day to you making fun of my morning hair And I never mean to eclipse your shine With these many imperfect affectations of mine Oh, I wish I could show you bright you light my skies We’re sweet and we’re sour like watermelon lemonade You told me you’d wear a blue dress on your wedding day Oh, I ought to cherish you more; the freckle on your lip The scars on your knees, the marks on your hips If my music is sombre then why don’t I cry? I’m somewhere between mine and another life Do you notice how different coffee tastes in the summer time? I’d understand if you wanted some space I could steal a few stars and arrange a bouquet Remember our dinner of candy and white wine? I and you, across the pale blue And under one sweet and lucky sun I and you, and one sweet, lucky sun You and I I shoot myself in the foot and my foot’s in my mouth Do you think me impulsive? Will you marry me now? It’s funny that films have monopolized all my free time Because we’re living one now We’re living one now We’re living one now We’re living one now
Diving Bell 03:50
Tore the skin from my knees Between you and me It’s safer now that I’ve fallen It’s safer now that I’ve fallen Mind if I catch my breath? Can I admit that I am stressed out? Where am I now that I’ve fallen? Where am I now that I have fallen like this? Will you lend me your head So I can feed off your brains? I can’t get rid of the buzz Who did you say that I was when I left? A consequence of hiding A consequence of hiding Do you love me now that I’m green? Do you love me now that I am green? I’m not sinking, I’m diving I’m not sinking, I am diving to you Will you lend me your head So I can feed off your brains? I’d like to bury myself at least a little more Inside these walls all I taste is salt
Guest House* 03:48
We keep our distance Friendly commitments Control Past wish fulfilments Return in moments “Hey, how have you been?” “Dead drunk, thanks for asking.” Reach down and touch me Feed this fantasy Lose me in that look One that I mistook Is this really happening? Will you still love me? Laugh at my underwear Bite you where you don’t have feeling Do you anywhere? Please stop staring at me I get this sinking feeling We danced to these organ songs You played yours and I played too much of mine Have you ever wanted me? Was I just a guest in your body And not your home?
Sinking into the concrete, you are Cemented with an iron chest One whole world in a bell jar, you must Hate the way that I’m dressed Your white Jesus is rich and handsome And sure as hell not a woman And you send your naked evangelist gentleman To swing his cock like a handgun Am I someone you know? Am I someone you know? These boots seem to fit me well, don’t they? Am I someone you know? I must have fallen asleep in the garden To wake up on fallow ground With grossly misguided notions of what It means for a man to be proud Tasted poison in this spring water But we’re still swigging it down And these John Waynes still playing cowboys while their Wives and sisters drown Am I someone you know? Am I someone you know? Do these boots make my legs look pretty? Am I someone you know? I was born on a Sunday morning A day for my mother, not God And dressed up in polyester neck ties While lipstick coloured my jaw Undead words in procession like a Parade of fuck in your mouth In the thrill of devouring, do you have Trouble spitting them out? Am I someone you know? Am I someone you know? Do these worn, battered boots fit you too? Am I someone you know?
Sun spills through the window This room is alight and I’m on fire At least I’m sleeping Rain taps at the window A million wet white knuckles of a Scotland spring Calling on me One stream of silent consciousness Who said I was lucid? Oh, how embarrassing, I’ll believe in anything Slept through a quarter century Dreamt my remaining life well past twenty-five At least I’m dreaming still


released October 25, 2019

“Capitol” is Josh Kemp, Robert J. Kemp, Wes Lintott, Matt Lintott & Chris McLaughlin
Lyrics by Josh Kemp
Recorded at Candle Recording, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the summer of 2018
Produced & Mixed by Josh Korody
Recorded by Josh Korody & Dylan Frankland
Mastered by Sarah Register
Album Photography by Cameron Veitch, design by Robert J. Kemp


all rights reserved



CAPITOL Hamilton, Ontario

Capitol is a five-piece indie project from Hamilton, Ontario.
"All the Rest of My Heads" EP is due out September 17th 2021, with a special edition 12" vinyl release from Meritorio Records.
Debut LP “Dream Noise” was released October 25 2019, with a vinyl release from Meritorio Records & Kingfisher Bluez, as well as a 7" featuring 2 singles on July 31 2020.
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